Publicity Factory delivers more than 60 years of combined public relations experience in the automotive, technical, lifestyle, transportation, corporate and consumer industries.  The company‚Äôs principals have worked with numerous organizations including but not limited to Campagna Motors, Porsche Motorsport, Anstead Watches, RoboReel, Spark Modern Fires, Better Life Technologies, James DeWulf, and many more. 

Publicity Factory has established relationships with various journalists including editors at numerous automotive and lifestyle outlets, and business and news outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs, Web sites and television programs. Publicity Factory has a proven track record of obtaining consistent high-exposure media placements and working with clients in an effectual and efficient manner.


Building Better Campaigns.


CEO & FOUNDER JARROD HOLLAND:  Jarrod  delivers more than 14 years of public relations experience and is a regional magazine writer.  A true car nut all his life, Jarrod has owned 30 cars and trucks.  Jarrod is also a consummate tech geek and can be found tinkering with the latest gadgets and gizmos when he's not working on his cars or at the office.

PRESIDENT DOUGLAS HOLLAND:  Douglas is a 35 + year marketing guru with major experience successfully growing small companies.  He earned his MBA from Harvard and is extremely efficient and detail oriented.  Douglas is also a car nut and a tech geek (not bad for an old guy) but his true love is modern home design. 

ACCOUNT DIRECTOR MICHAEL RAMOS:  Michael is a former Navy Public Affairs specialist, writer, editor and PR operative.  Michael's writing has been published in regional and national magazines.  When not at work, Michael enjoys cooking, eating, traveling and spending time with family.